04-10-2018 Introduction

Finally I have decided about my website theme. The first theme didn’t have a widget and a sidebar function which I needed for these posts.

I had great help to make this website from my wife Katarína. Without her expertise I would have gone crazy now. If you need help making a website, also more advanced than mine, you can contact her throug her website ITSM&CI

By the way my name is Niels Frost Nielsen. The inspiration for the website name comes from my name Ni Fro Ni ?, but you probably already guessed that.

I am danish but have lived in Slovakia for the past 12 years.

Photography is my passion and I strive to improve my skills every time I use my camera. Though I like sharp pictures I am not a pixel peeper. I am more looking into how I can improve  my skills in doing the compositions. Anyway for photo editing & RAW development I use Affinity Photo (and for Fujifilm RAW I use FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO).

I like to get inspiration from YouTubers like Nigel Danson, Andrew Marr and Denae&Andrew. They are running great YouTube channels I can highly recommend to subscribe to.

As I have become a Fujifilm camera user, I like to follow Gear Geeks on YouTube like Damian Brown and Gordon Laing.